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Electric Shambles.



if you’re one of those people who can bite ice cream without being phased then there’s a 99% chance you’re the spawn of satan



my heart says yes but my bank balance says no


The Séance (by Rabbit Heart)

My lolita outfit for “Porcelain Dolls” tea party in Olomouc ♥

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Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Who Developed A Low-Cost Water Purification System | FastCompany

The next generation of scientists is already hard at work solving our biggest problems. Take Deepika Kurup, a 14-year-old high school student from Nashua, New Hampshire. After seeing children in India drinking dirty water from a stagnant pool, she decided, in her words, “to find a solution to the global water crisis.” And then she actually made some progress towards that goal, developing a solar-powered water purification system.

She is the future

Ever notice how it’s always brilliant teenagers making stuff that will actually solve the world’s worst problems, like what do adults even do?

"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

Unknown (via unculturedmag)


I made more hooded fairy tops due to popular demand 😊 you can find them in my shop in teal, purple, black and lime… 🎁 Shop Online:. 💜💜💜 #etsy #manakahandmade #fae


"He didn’t want Daddy using newspaper to start the BBQ: ‘It’s not for fire, it’s for reading!’"
Submitted By: Amanda T.
Location: Ontario, Canada


Its 2014 and some people still fail to see how age is not a valid excuse for racism, cultural appropriation, homophobia or misogyny

I like tickles and sleeping in the afternoon sun. I also love fashion, music, nature, bunnies, Shakespeare and shoes.
I'm a vegan, equalist, activist, lover, fighter, singer and photographer.

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